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A Royal Little Pest by Wendy Racovali5 Stars!

I read your book today at school. I have a spec. ed class of 12 children who have language disabilities. The very first comment before I even spoke a word about the book was from a boy who never comments on anything. He said "Way cool pictures, that book looks like it would be good to read!. Who could say how great it was, better than an 8 yr. old who hates to read. In the end we read the book twice. Used it to make inferences, predictions, connections and all those good things teachers try to teach. Our new buzz words in the class are "don't be a MacCheeky"!.

Thanks for giving me good stuff to teach with today.

It's a hit in our house! by L. Srigley 5 Stars!

Anita, I wish you could have been at my house this morning... It was the first chance I have had to sit down and read your book to the kids. It was so awesome that they met your kids at the Chapters book signing so they could relate when I was reading it to them. They laughed and laughed and I swear that we had to spend what felt like 10 minutes per page. They were saying: "Look, that's Ava!", "Look that looks just like Hayden!"... It was great! I promised I would read it again later. So congratulations! It is a hit in our house!

Fabulous and Unique, A Great Book! by Sue MacLeod5 Stars!

A Royal Little Pest is such a sweet, engaging, humorous and unique book. I was browsing in the children's area in Chapters and the cover caught my eye. I found myself sitting down and reading this charming story, chuckling as I turned each page to find out what little Prince Hayden was doing to annoy his royal siblings. The illustrations are bigger than life, absolutely fabulous and the story is accessible and too real for any parent to ignore. Thanks for putting such a fun and different piece of work out there, I look forward to future creations from Anita and Karen!! And of course, Prince Hayden MacCheeky.

Prince Hayden loves to do somersaults.

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