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Review: A Royal Little Pest: Mine! (MacCheeky Series) by Anita Reynolds MacArthur, Illustrated by Karen Roy

Blog Critics Book Review - January 3, 2010
by Jennifer Bogart

Prince Hayden MacCheeky is a real prince, who lives in a royal castle, on a royal lane, with royal parents, two royal siblings, and a royal dog named Goober. Prince Hayden MacCheeky also has a sharing problem. Yet when the time comes when he’d like to borrow his royal cousin Ella’s toys, her own selfish rebukes open his eyes to the folly of his tight-fisted ways.

A Royal Little Pest: Mine! is a modern moral fairy-tale for children is incredibly…cheeky. No child can resist the drama of siblings who refuse to share, and the terrible injustices of being refused play rights to an intriguing toy. There’s no lack of empathy building storyline for youngsters to relate to here.

Adding to the sharp wittiness of the title are the very ordinary appearances of the MacCheekys' lives. They wear surprisingly mundane clothing, live in an ordinary, if colorful, home, and, as my six-year-old pointed out, look like a normal family only with crowns on their heads. I think all parents can relate to having a few MacCheeky’s of our own running about our very ordinary homes on a daily basis.

It’s very rare that I enjoy digitally generated illustrations, but A Royal Little Pest pulls them off with a certain funky zest. Bold, off-beat, and incredibly expressive, illustrator Karen Roy’s work reminds me somewhat of Rolie Polie Olie — but better, featuring characters with large round heads, skinny arms and legs, and big white eyes.

This fairly standard values-based story has been given a modern, punchy appeal through the ordinary royals of Anita Reynolds MacArthur's imagination, and Karen Roy’s artistic vision. To be sure, I’m now a fast fan of the MacCheeky family, and hope to read more of their adventures.

Though this title released in September, it’s not yet listed at Amazon — look for the first in the MacCheeky Series there — A Royal Little Pest. Ordering details for both books in the series are available at the MacCheeky website.

Prince Hayden loves to do somersaults.

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