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A Royal Little Pest bk2

Ahgoo Review - August 2011

I love the message of the story and I love the fun way it was portrayed. This cheeky little MacCheeky is sure to find a special place in little hearts everywhere..... (read more)

Kat's Confessions - November 10, 2010

The first book in the series "A Royal Little Pest" was given the Great Books award for 2010 and it is well deserved.... (read more)

Toronto Teacher Mom - September 2010

The MacCheeky series is full of entertaining characters and delightful illustrations, and currently includes two titles: A Royal Little Pest and A Royal Little Pest: Mine! Both stories explore the universal motif of... (read more)

The Stratford Gazette - Dec. 3, 2009

This amusing story, written by beginning Canadian author Anita MacArthur, contains a life lesson that can apply to all children...(read more)

Capital Parent Newspaper - December 2009

Prince Hayden MacCheeky is a royal prince who likes to tease and mimic his brothers and sisters...(read more)

From the Manitoba Library Association: November 21, 2008

Young readers will enjoy how the designers of this book have capitalized several words throughout the story for emphasis, even incorporating several phrases of the text into the bizarre and very colourful...(read more)

From the Chapters web site:

A Royal Little Pest by Wendy Racovali 5 Stars!

I have a spec. ed class of 12 children who have language disabilities. The very first comment before I even spoke a word about the book was from a boy who never comments on anything. He said "Way cool pictures...(read more)

It's a hit in our house! by L. Srigley 5 Stars!

It was so awesome that they met your kids at the Chapters book signing so they could relate when I was reading it to them. They laughed...(read more)

Fabulous and Unique, A Great Book! by Sue MacLeod5 Stars!

A Royal Little Pest is such a sweet, engaging, humorous and unique book...(read more)

From the Amazon web site:

A Must Read for All Children! - Jan 14 2009 - By F. Anoia (Montreal, QC CDA)5 Gold Stars!

My two year old son Alessio is CRAZY about the book...(read more)

Resource Link - 2010

"Anita Reynolds presents a common childhood problem, toy sharing, in a humorous story that kids will all relate to. . . The illustrations are digitally created, colourful and eye-catching. . . Early primary teachers will enjoy using this simple, high-interest book as a read aloud to encourage social responsibility in the classroom". . . Highly recommended for early primary grades. Rated E (Excellent)"…. (read more)

Sweeps4Bloggers - November 21, 2010

These books are adorable. I love this cheeky little guy.

He is over the top obnoxious in a humorous way that clearly demonstrates that bad behavior is just not acceptable. And this lovable little prince learns from his mistakes and chooses to behave better. Good behavior is more fun for all!…. (read more)

Musings From Mt. Rogo - October 12, 2010

Currently two of her favourites are the MacCheeky books….(read more)

Midwest Book Review - January 21, 2010 - 5 out of 5 stars!

Its charm and punch is enhanced by delightful whimsical illustrations and capitalized outbursts that brim from every page...(read more)

Blog Critics Book Review - January 3, 2010

A Royal Little Pest: Mine! is a modern moral fairy-tale for children is incredibly…cheeky. No child can resist the drama of siblings...(read more)

Bookshipper Blog Review - November 2009

Reading A Royal Little Pest Mine! was an absolute joy! I absolutely loved this little book...(read more)

From The Manitoba Library Association - January 8, 2010

The first book about Prince Hayden McCheeky, A Royal Little Pest was published in 2008 and appears to have been a rip-roaring success with the pre-school to Grade One crowd. The wide appeal of the McCheeky books certainly derives from the listener’s instant recognition...(read more)

Highly Recommended.

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