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Learn about the book A Royal Little Pest featuring MacCheeky, A Royal Little Pest - Mine! the second book in the MacCheeky series and The Best Pest of All!

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View pages from A Royal Little Pest and A Royal Little Pest: Mine! the books featuring the MacCheeky character.



Book reviews for both A Royal Little Pest and A Royal Little Pest - Mine!



Radio, TV, and press for the author - Anita Reynolds McArthur, the illustrator - Karen Roy, creators of the MacCheeky series of books.



Book a presentation by the author / illustrator at your school or library. See some of the appearances the author / illustrator have visited.



A page about the Author and the Illustrator.

Anita Reynolds MacArthur

Born and raised in Montreal, Anita Reynolds MacArthur relocated to Toronto to pursue a career in educational publishing. She worked for 15 years editing other people’s words before deciding to write some words of her own. She currently resides in a Toronto suburb with her husband, three children, and the family dog Goober. Anita’s inspiration for writing children’s picture books comes from the everyday little challenges and miracles that occur in her family life.

A Royal Little Pest (copyright 2009) is one of Canada's "Top 10 Great Books for Children 2010," as awarded by the Canadian Toy-Testing Council (CTTC). This award-winning book has been chosen to receive an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest 18th Annual International Book Awards. It will be promoted in the March/April 2011 issue of Writer’s Digest.

A Royal Little Pest: Mine! (copyright 2010) was recently selected as a Read-Aloud picture book for Nelson Education Ltd.'s national Kindergarten program. As a result, it is being read in classrooms across Canada as part of the program's lesson plan.

Both MacCheeky stories are available as digital interactive apps on iTunes for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Both apps come with CCSS aligned reading strategies. A Royal Little Pest is a Top 30 iTunes Book App, and A Royal Little Pest: Mine! is an Editor’s Pick on Best 10 Apps.

Anita is pleased to announce that she has just completed writing the third story in the same series entitled The Best Pet of All.

Karen Roy

Technically speaking, Karen Roy studied Graphic Design at Durham College, which sounds rather serious...but mostly she was scribbling on scrap pieces of paper rather than paying attention. Then she found out that she liked to scribble on her computer even more.

Karen lives with one husband, two kids, two cats and a mother who loves her very much.

This is Karen’s second book.



Photographs from events for A Royal Little Pest and A Royal Little Pest - Mine!

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