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Aug 11

Prince Edward Island: Part I

Mid August? Really? How’d we get here already? Weren’t we just doing the countdown to the end of school? Now, as far as the eye can see, signs are screaming “back to school”!

Old Navy has jeans on sale, Wal-Mart is stocked to the gills with back-to-school supplies, and Bentley’s is spilling over with backpacks, pencil cases, and lunchboxes available in every color of the rainbow!

Signs of back-to-school days are everywhere!

Oh, and there’s the teeny fact that our yearly family road trip to Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) has come to an end.

Crossing Confederation Bridge to get back to the mainland

The car is stuffed with two weeks’ worth of dirty laundry, stale food, worn pillows, sandy beach towels, and buckets of seashells as we make our way back home. All signs of another banger year on the Island.

Packing a car is an art in itself!

We’re heading west, somewhere in New Brunswick, at the moment. It’s 9:10 am and we’ve been travelling for four—yes, four—hours already. My husband is accustomed to getting up in the wee hours of the morning for work, so he likes to get on the road at the crack of stupid. Ok, now I’m sounding whiny… Back to it… Back to it…

How tired am I? This image pretty much sums it up.

Despite the worst vacation weather we’ve experienced over the past four summers, we managed to enjoy the Island and all it has to offer—without having to resort to the use of TV and video games.

This tranquil photo of French River Fishing Village was taken on one of the few sunny days we experienced while on the Island this summer.

We toured the Cows Ice Cream Factory where we savoured the best ice cream on the Island, dined at Carr’s Oyster Bar and Restaurant for our usual hearty dose of all things seafood, took in a Ceilidh for the first time, and passed through picturesque Charlottetown on our way to visit with great Island friends (cheers to the whole Wheeler family and Figgy too!). We also walked the Cavendish Boardwalk and made a stop at the one-and-only Toy Factory to get our shopping fix.

Ian and the kids at the Toy Factory in Murrar River.

We enjoyed tons of laughs with friends who visited from Halifax (thanks for making the trek Brendan, Linda, Samantha, and Biscuit!), had an unforgettable couple of days in Darnley with Grand Poppies and Jill (my Dad and his lovely partner) who flew in from Montreal to tour Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and spent a great—but all too short—visit with Grandpa Creel and Ann (my father-in-law and his wife from Windsor, Nova Scotia).

Grandpa Creel with Ann and the kids

We discovered a few pluses to the lack of sunshine on the Island. On the days lacking sunshine, we morphed into beachcombers. We combed the Cumberland area beaches (south shore of the Island) for hours at a stretch searching for sea glass.

Typical spot where we'd find sea glass. Ya gotta have eagle eyes to spot these little treasures!

Talk about a great family pastime! We found sea glass in practically every colour imaginable. We found shades of green, yellow, white, pink, purple, amber, and even a few very-hard-to-find shades of blue (cobalt and cornflower).

Just a sampling of the sea glass treasure we found in the Cumberland area.

The kids squealed with delight each time they found a colour or shape they hadn’t seen before. Ok, I did some of the squealing too. Hunting for sea glass is really fun!

One day, we scoured the red sands for three hours searching for sea glass. Fun for the whole family.

Another plus to the lack of sunshine while on the Island? The amount of reading that fit nicely into our days. Ava read up to page 150 of her Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. And, I am proud to say that I managed to finish reading a book—a huge accomplishment for me these days.

As a wife and mother of three who writes books, crafts blogs, and works a regular day job, there is very little time left in the day for reading. Reading always was and always will be a guilty pleasure of mine. No matter how busy life gets.

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Aug 10

Life Is Good


We left Portland, Maine, Thursday morning and travelled to Burlington, Vermont, for a one-night stay. To break up the drive, we stopped at Ben & Jerry’s along the way for some second-to-none ice cream and a tour of the factory itself.

On Friday morning, just before heading home-home and putting an end to our two-week family road trip, we made a special stop at a shop called Happy Trails. This quaint clothing store, in the heart of Burlington’s Church Street Marketplace, carries Life is good t-shirts, mugs, ball caps—merchandise that promotes optimism and acts as a power for positive change. How cool is that? We stocked up on optimistic tangibles and piled into our SUV for the drive home.

Like most people, time is usually at a premium. So, as we travelled the last l-o-n-g stretch of highway, I cherished having time on my hands. I glanced at my watch and breathed a sigh of relief. We would make it back to Ajax in time to pick up our dog Goober from the kennel.

As I sat in the passenger seat that afternoon, staring aimlessly at the road ahead, my mind started reliving the week we spent on Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.). I smiled as I thought of my youngest. Hayden tends to see life on the bright side. He’s happy to just be.

During our stay on the island, my father-in-law and his wife came to visit. We met at a restaurant then returned to the cottage to continue our visit. One by one we filed into the cottage. Everyone, that is, except Hayden.

Conversation was flowing. Hayden stood on the front deck, his little face peering into the kitchen from the screened in window as he listened to the conversation and the laughter.

“Hi Mommy,” his little voice said from the window as he stood outside looking in.

“Hi Sweetie,” I replied. Looking at his cute little face in the big window reminded me of a chat we had in the car on the drive back to the cottage.

“Hey Buddy,” I said, “I found the paper and crayons you were asking about when we were in the car. Do you want to color now?”

“Sure,” he quipped. “Do I have to color out here?” he asked innocently.

“You can if you like,” I replied, “but you might be more comfortable coloring inside at the table.”

“Ok,” he said, “Can you unlock the door so I can come in?”

As so often happens, Hayden had me stunned speechless. Poor little guy. Somehow the front door had locked before he had a chance to come inside. He patiently waited outside. Never did he question why the door was locked. Nor did he question why he was left outside on the deck looking in.

I unlocked the door, let him in, and buried him in my hug. Then, Hayden got busy coloring.

Hayden looks at life from the bright side. He’s optimism in its raw state, not the store-bought kind. Life is good.

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Aug 10

The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again!


The Tooth Fairy made an appearance once again, this time for our youngest.

Hayden lost his second tooth (on the bottom) two days ago. He didn’t want to put the tooth under his pillow that night because it had been with him for five years. Hayden and his tooth had become friends. He wanted to hold onto it for a day.

And so, after thanking the tooth for sticking with him (literally) and being his friend for most of his life, Hayden kissed the tooth and placed it gently under his pillow last night. Of course, a going concern was that we are not home-home (Ajax, Ontario). Would the Tooth Fairy be able to find Hayden in Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.)?

Ava assured Hayden that, if the Tooth Fairy found her when we were visiting in Montreal a few weeks ago, the Tooth Fairy would surely find Hayden in P.E.I. 

Before he climbed into bed, Hayden asked me to help him write the Tooth Fairy a letter. It went like this:

“Dear Tooth Fairy,

Are you a girl or a boy?

How did you find me?

Thanks for finding me in P.E.I.



I awoke this morning to a squeal of delight as Hayden found $2 under his pillow and a response to his letter. This is what the Tooth Fairy had to say:

“Dear Hayden,

It is nice to see you again.

I am a boy and my name is Floyd, which is the boy name for Fluoride, in case you were wondering.

I have a very large map of the world on my wall that lights up when a child loses a tooth. It lets me know exactly where that child is when the tooth is placed under the pillow.

Enjoy the rest of your trip in P.E.I.


The Tooth Fairy (Floyd)”

Hayden can’t wait to show cousin Ella his letter from the Tooth Fairy.

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