The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again!


The Tooth Fairy made an appearance once again, this time for our youngest.

Hayden lost his second tooth (on the bottom) two days ago. He didn’t want to put the tooth under his pillow that night because it had been with him for five years. Hayden and his tooth had become friends. He wanted to hold onto it for a day.

And so, after thanking the tooth for sticking with him (literally) and being his friend for most of his life, Hayden kissed the tooth and placed it gently under his pillow last night. Of course, a going concern was that we are not home-home (Ajax, Ontario). Would the Tooth Fairy be able to find Hayden in Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.)?

Ava assured Hayden that, if the Tooth Fairy found her when we were visiting in Montreal a few weeks ago, the Tooth Fairy would surely find Hayden in P.E.I. 

Before he climbed into bed, Hayden asked me to help him write the Tooth Fairy a letter. It went like this:

“Dear Tooth Fairy,

Are you a girl or a boy?

How did you find me?

Thanks for finding me in P.E.I.



I awoke this morning to a squeal of delight as Hayden found $2 under his pillow and a response to his letter. This is what the Tooth Fairy had to say:

“Dear Hayden,

It is nice to see you again.

I am a boy and my name is Floyd, which is the boy name for Fluoride, in case you were wondering.

I have a very large map of the world on my wall that lights up when a child loses a tooth. It lets me know exactly where that child is when the tooth is placed under the pillow.

Enjoy the rest of your trip in P.E.I.


The Tooth Fairy (Floyd)”

Hayden can’t wait to show cousin Ella his letter from the Tooth Fairy.

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