October, 2011

Oct 11

Giving Thanks

We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend. This special time of year always gives me pause to reflect on the things that I am thankful for.

Ok, I give thanks for you too Goobie Girl.

It’s been just over a year since my Dad had bypass surgery and, thankfully, he’s recovered from his setback by leaps and bounds. Thinking about my Dad’s recovery got me reminiscing about the time we spent together this past summer…

During our two-week stay on Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) in August, my Dad and Jill (his lovely lady friend) visited with us for two days while we cottaged in Darnley. They had flown into Halifax, Nova Scotia (N.S.), from Montreal, Quebec, to tour parts of both these Maritime provinces.

Dad (aka Poppies) and Jill

On the first day my Dad and Jill visited with us, it was hot and sunny. Naturally, we declared it a beach day. I hadn’t been on a P.E.I. beach with my Dad since I was nine years old—the same age my daughter Ava is today. You can bet we took lots of pictures to mark the occasion.

Ava at the same age I was the last time I was on a P.E.I. beach with my Dad. Pretty cool!

On the second and final day of our visit with Dad and Jill, the kids and I joined them for an adventure that took us on a four-hour trek around the tip of Darnley beach. Yes, a four-hour trek. Amazingly, there was no whining or grumbling. Even Hayden, my six-year old, made it without one complaint.

No complaints from the peanut gallery!

Campbell, my 12-year old, deemed the day better than any day at an amusement park! Now there’s a proud Mama moment if I ever heard one!

We walked along some pretty spectacular red cliffs by the ocean.

During this adventurous hike that took us around Darnley’s tip, we walked across interesting and diverse terrains as we investigated the sea-carved and man-made landscapes.

An inukshuk, just sitting pretty for us.

We collected seashells, snapped pictures of a dead stingray, and stumbled upon an old lobster trap that had been tossed up on shore by an angry ocean.

A lobster trap, standing at attention, all alone.

Did I mention the dead stingray? Weird, huh? Jellyfish are known to be bountiful in the Island waters, but stingray? That’s a new one. I had no idea they could survive in these cold Atlantic waters.

Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't have seen it with my own eyes.

At the end of our trek that day, we expected to be tired from our travels, but it was quite the opposite. We were so energized from all that we had seen and experienced over the four-hour excursion, that we barely noticed our weary feet. Until the next morning. When we hobbled (instead of hopped) out of bed!

Happy travellers taking a wee break as we neared the end of our four-hour adventure.

Dad and Jill, thank you for creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

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