March, 2011

Mar 11

Bieber Fever

I took the kids (Campbell : 12; Ava: 8; Hayden: 6) to see Justin Bieber’s movie Never Say Never during March Break last week. My sister Dianne and her daughter (Ella: 6) joined us. We didn’t tell the children our plans ahead of time because Hayden and Ella are HUGE Bieber (pronounced Bie-buh) fans. We wanted to surprise them.

During March Break, we took the kids to see Justin Bieber's movie.

On the drive to the theatre, we decided to spill the beans about our little secret. We told the older kids not to worry. The animated film Rango starring Johnny Depp was playing at the exact same time. How perfect was that? Campbell and Ava, who were pretty aloof about anything Bieber, weren’t going to be forced to sit through the Bieber movie.

I should let you in on a little family secret. My husband Ian liked Justin Bieber before the world caught Bieber Fever. It was a running joke between the kids and him for the longest time. I can’t tell you how many times we teased our 6’2”, broad-shouldered man-of-the-house as he danced in the kitchen to a teeny-bopper Justin Bieber tune that had been downloaded to his iPod. As a gag gift, the kids gave their Dad a Bieber fan book for his birthday last year.

Warning! Bieber Fever is contagious!

With that in mind, you can imagine my surprise when Campbell and Ava admitted that they’d actually prefer to see Never Say Never over Rango. Great. Along with this admission came the realization that I remained the only sane member in our family. Isn’t it obvious that this poor Bieber kid is just another one-hit wonder? Can’t people see that he’s merely a flash-in-the-pan entertainer who will surely be chewed up and spat out by the same machine that created him in the first place?

We purchased our tickets and snacks, entered the movie theatre, and with 3D glasses in hand, made our way to our seats. I was totally prepared to snooze during this film. But, to my amazement, I found myself being sucked in. This Bieber kid has true talent! He can sing. He can dance. He plays the piano, guitar, and drums. He thrives on stage. He commands presence. And he’s only 16 years old!

He sings, dances, plays several instruments--and he's only 16!

At this stage in his career, what is the one thing Justin Bieber wants more than anything in the world? He wants to go back to his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, so he can spend time with his baby brother. As exciting and impressive as his life may seem at the moment, what this young Canadian boy wantsmore than anything is to have what every other child his age takes for granted. Ironic, isn’t it?

Bieber's wish at this stage of the game? To spend more time with his baby brother Jaxon.

As the credits rolled, I walked out of the theatre unsure of who was more pumped about Bieber now: me or the kids? I really hope this uber-talented teenager is able to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground. This boy wonder has the potential to be really great, to rise to the top and stay there. Right now, Justin Bieber appears to have a family that cares about him and protects him. Let’s hope his family stays by his side as he prepares to ride the next wave.

Guess I caught Bieber Fever, huh? Truth be told, I was warned that it was highly contagious.

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