July, 2010

Jul 10

Back Home


My week’s vacation home-home to Montreal with my three kiddies drew to a close this past weekend. After lots of hugs, oodles of kisses, and puddles of tears, we waved goodbye to my parents and the house I grew up in.

We travelled west along Hwy 401 and made our way back home to the GTA where my husband Ian and our loveable dog Goober greeted us with lots of hugs, oodles of kisses, and puddles of tears (of the good kind, naturally).

As exciting as it is to take a vacation, it makes coming home all the sweeter.

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Jul 10

The Tooth Fairy Visit: Take Two!


While vacationing in Montreal, as you may recall from yesterday’s entry, my daughter Ava lost a tooth. The Tooth Fairy promptly left money under Ava’s pillow. Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy became so preoccupied with writing a note responding to Ava’s queries that she forgot to take Ava’s tooth with her!

All day yesterday, as we took in the sites in and around the Old Port of Montreal, a great debate raged between Ava (8) and my youngest son Hayden (5). Would the Tooth Fairy actually return to pick up Ava’s tooth? Would she be able to fit in the time for a return visit? Since we’re vacationing in Montreal, and Ava isn’t sleeping in her own bed, would the Tooth Fairy be able to find Ava again? If she returns for the tooth, will the Tooth Fairy leave more money?

As I tucked Ava into bed last night, I checked under her pillow to ensure that the tooth was actually there. Yup. The tooth was there alright. But so was another note from Ava. She informed me that, should the Tooth Fairy make a second appearance, Ava was seizing the opportunity to ask her more questions. Here is Ava’s note:

“Dear Tooth Fairy,
Do you have helper tooth fairies? Like if you have a lot of work, do they also help?
How big are you? What is your name? Do you have any pets?
Thank you for answering my questions yesterday.
PS: I love you!”

Much to everyone’s relief, the Tooth Fairy returned to collect the forgotten tooth last night. She didn’t leave any more money but, to Ava’s delight, she left a note that went like this:

“Dear Ava,
I only have helpers when I am sick. If I have a bad cold, I might sneeze and accidently wake up a sleeping child.
I am about three or four inches tall. Some people think that I am tall and some people think that I am small.
My name is Flora which is short for Fluoride. Not many people know my name but, since you asked, I thought I would tell you.
I love pets but I don’t have any of my own. They would be left alone for too long each night as I fly around the world visiting sleeping children who have lost their teeth.
The Tooth Fairy (Flora)
PS: I love you too!”

Phew! All’s well that ends well. Here’s hoping for a restful, stress-free sleep for everyone tonight.

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Jul 10

The Tooth Fairy Visit

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This is my first posting ever! Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn a little bit about the everyday little challenges and miracles that inspire me to write the award-winning MacCheeky series of children’s picture books. Be sure to stop by the official MacCheeky website to view press coverage, pictures, video footage, bios, and personal appearances with educator testimonials.

I thought that this might be the perfect time to try my hand at blogging since I am halfway through a week’s vacation in Montreal where I am visiting with my parents. Ajax (Ontario) is my home, but Montreal (Quebec) is my home-home, the place where I was born and raised.

My three children—Campbell (11), Ava (8), and Hayden (5)—love coming home-home with me. We stay in the same house where I grew up and we bunk it out in the same room that I slept in when I was four years old. It’s a time to relax, reminisce, and reconnect with old friends.

My husband Ian couldn’t join us for this trip. We’ll be taking a family road trip to Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.), where he was born, in a few weeks time.

As these lazy days of summer vacation roll by, I keep asking myself when would be a good time to start blogging. Now? No. Not yet. How about now? No. Not yet. Then, as luck would have it, my daughter Ava lost a tooth last night! She was very excited. She was also a bit apprehensive that the Tooth Fairy might not find her all the way in Montreal. She had so many questions that I finally asked her to write a note for the Tooth Fairy and leave it under her pillow with her tooth. Here is Ava’s note:

“Dear Tooth Fairy,
Where do you get your money when it is big and heavy? What do you do with all the teeth?
Your friend,

To her delight, Ava awoke this morning with $2 under her pillow and a response to her queries from the Tooth Fairy. Here is what the Tooth Fairy had to say:

“Dear Ava,
You have some great questions! Let’s see…
When I travel with money to deliver to children, it fits in my pocket. Then I use my magic wand to make the money big and heavy. All the teeth get turned into fairy dust which helps me travel around the world delivering money to children who lose their teeth.
Your special friend,
The Tooth Fairy”

This explanation pleased Ava immensely. However, there is one small glitch. The Tooth Fairy was so preoccupied with leaving some money and writing a note in response to Ava’s queries, that she forgot to take Ava’s tooth away! It’s still waiting under her pillow. Let’s see if the Tooth Fairy returns tonight to pick up the infamous tooth.

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Anita Reynolds MacArthur